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Fixing vlan id hp procurve

Jordi Gibal
Occasional Contributor

Fixing vlan id hp procurve

actually company have purchased a 4108gl switch just to implement ip telephony.
Have configured VLAN_DEFAULT as vlan 1 and VLAN2_VOIP as vlan 2.
The vlan 1 is "untagged" and vlan 2 is "tagged".
Also I am using a Cisco IOS router just to perfom inter-vlan routing.
The situation is that when ip phone boots, expects to receive via cdp from switch the vlan id the ip phone belongs. Then the ip phone is able to work int the "tagged" voip vlan.
On Cisco switches the command that realize the function at switch port level, is the "voice vlan" on 2900/3500 and "auxiliary vlan" on 4xxx/6xxx switches.
Do exist any similar command on HP switches? will it be supported in the future?
Normally, the solution is fix the vlan id on the ip phone. Then switch sends tagged frames to devices that understant dot1q tagged frames only.
What about devices that are not able to fix the vlan id, how can we resolve the issue?

Thanks and regars,
Sergi Bondia
Bytemaster S.A.
00 34 932 520 540
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Jerome Henry
Honored Contributor

Re: Fixing vlan id hp procurve

I do not know the CLI command, but vioce over IP is supported in HP swicthes? Read this for more info :
Hope it helps.
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Dmitry G. Spitsyn
Trusted Contributor

Re: Fixing vlan id hp procurve

Hello, Sergi !

In fact starting from Version G.07.xx Operating System 4108gl supports IP static routing and you no longer need to use a Cisco IOS router to perform inter-vlan routing (4108gl will do that!).

Trusted Contributor

Re: Fixing vlan id hp procurve

1. Isn't VoIP related somehow to IGMP and IP multicast? I do not use it my network - so I don't have these problems.

2. The IP phones you have: are they 802.1Q - capable? I strongly doubt that. If they are not, you must set all ports in your VoIP VLAN to "Untagged". This might be the cause of malfunction: the SWT is doing frame tagging and sends the "tagged" frame to the IP phone, but the phone doesn't know what to do with the "tagged" frame. Conversely: the IP phone transmits "Untagged" frames to the SWT, but the SWT expects to receive "Tagged" frames from end devices attached in ports pertaining to the VoIP VLAN (which you defined as "Tagged"). So the phone and the SWT can't talk to each other, when the IP phone boots.

3. "Tagging" the frames is only done by the transmitting SWT when it sends frames from many VLANs across one uplink towards a receiving SWT (or router - for inter-VLAN communication). The receiving SWT uses the tags to decide on what VLAN (defined inside it) should it forward the frame. The tags are not used internally by the SWT to create or manage the VLANs. This is what is standardized by IEEE Std. 802.1Q: the way frames from multiple VLANs are transmitted across one physical link between VLAN-capable devices. Each switch manufacturer uses his own technology to define, manage and assign ports to VLANs inside the SWT.

Ryan Hicks
Occasional Visitor

Re: Fixing vlan id hp procurve

You are correct. The Cisco Catalyst line of switches automatically negotiagtes (through CDP version 2) the voice vlan when configured on the catalast switch port. Then the PC port on the phone is placed in another vlan.

The ProCurves have no way to negotiate this. A static vlan can be set on the Procurve port and then the Cisco IP phone network setting (admin vlan) can be altered but the operational vlan setting changes to whatever the admin vlan is set to. This places the PC port in the same vlan as the phone. (best practice says don't do this)

While HP says they support voice over IP and Cisco Phones, they do not support the automatically negotiated voice vlan. This is probably due to the fact that HP professional services sells and installs close to 85% Cisco gear and would damage their relationship with Cisco and their revenue stream in pro services if this were to change.

Re: Fixing vlan id hp procurve

Sorry to dig up an old thread.

Does anyone know if the situation has changed (or likely to) with the Cisco IP Phones and HP switches regarding the auto setup.
We are about to perform a large rollout of Cisco VoIP phones and are currently using 5300XL, 2626PWR and 2524 switches.