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Frame Relay with dial Backup

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Frame Relay with dial Backup

1 unit 7102 router (J8752A)

1 unit serial module (J8458A)

1 unit Analog modem backup module (J8462A)

Central office use Cisco Router.

I need to configure the router for frame relay (point to point) and then if the frame relay goes down the dial backup will automatically dial to the internet (and if the Frame relay goes up again it will automatically goes back to FR), if the dialup is already connected to the internet i need to configure the VPN to connect to thier central office. (The VPN will terminate at the dialbackup module). firewall functionality of the router is also needed.

I need the configuration of this.. Thanks


Olaf Borowski
Respected Contributor

Re: Frame Relay with dial Backup

Hi Michael,

See attached link. The link has config-examples.

This should help you configure the FR link.

For the backup:

Backing up a Connection with an Analog Module
1. Install the backup module:
a. Unscrew the dl module.
b. Plug the backup module on top of it.
c. Reinsert and screw in the dl module.
2. Using a cable with an RJ-11 connector, connect the backup interface to
the telephone companyâ s wall jack.
3. Power up the router and move to the global configuration mode context.
If the router is in any country except the USA or Canada, specify the
country for the modem. (Use the ? help command to get a list of the
keywords for countries.)
ProCurve(config)# modem countrycode < country>
4. Enter the modem interface configuration mode context:
ProCurve(config)# int modem < slot number>/< port number>
5. Activate the interface:
ProCurve(config-modem 1/3)# no shut
6. Create a backup PPP interface:
ProCurve(config)# int ppp
7. Assign the backup interface an IP address on a different network than the
primary interface:
ProCurve(config-ppp 2)# ip address < backup IP address>
8. Activate the interface:
ProCurve(config-ppp 2)# no shut
9. Move to the virtual interface for the primary connection. For example:
ProCurve(config)# int fr 1.102
10. Add the remote siteâ s telephone number to the backup call list. For
ProCurve(config-fr 1.102)# backup number 5552222 analog ppp 2
Syntax: backup number < remote siteâ s number> analog ppp < backup interface number>
11. Disable backup for days and times you do not want to provide backup:
ProCurve(config-fr 1.102)# no backup schedule day
< day>
ProCurve(config-fr 1.102)# backup schedule disabletime
< hh:mm:ss>
ProCurve(config-fr 1.102)# backup schedule enable-time
< hh:mm:ss>
12. If you are using static routing, add a floating static route to the remote
site. For example:
ProCurve(config)# ip route /24
Syntax: ip route < remote network address> << remote
subnet mask> | /< bit prefix>> < remote backup address> 2

BTW: you need a VPN accellerator module (J8471A) for the VPN connection. This modules enables the VPN feature set.

Hope this helps,


Re: Frame Relay with dial Backup

DO you know also a sample config for VPN which terminate on the dialbackup module?

Olaf Borowski
Respected Contributor

Re: Frame Relay with dial Backup


It's not different for a dial-up connection. I assume, it a backup VPN site-to-site connection using the ananlog backup module. Once you have layer 1,2 and 3 working (configure the modem, number etc. and PPP), the VPN "rides" on top of that. The VPN doesn't care what layer 1 or 2 technology is underneath. When the primary link goes down, the modem will dial out, establish the PPP connection and bring layer 3 up. Once you have layer 3 connectivity, the interesting traffic (defined by the ACL) will establish a VPN tunnel to the other side and send the traffic across the VPN tunnel encrypted. If I have time, I will create an example for you and post it.