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GBE2C log errors

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GBE2C log errors

Hi all,

I had a problem on C7000 enclosure with 2 GBE2C switches, all the networking on this enclosure crashed than after a few minutes start again. We didn´t have access to all blades, ILO and OA.

What i´d like to know if there are any command to collect log errors?

Ex: on cisco switches we can apply the command: show tech-support.

I´d apprecciate if anyone can help.
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Re: GBE2C log errors

Per the Command Reference guide:

Information dump
Command: /info/dump
Use the dump command to dump all switch information available from the Information Menu (10K or more,
depending on your configuration). This data is useful for tuning and debugging switch performance.
If you want to capture dump data to a file, set the communication software on your workstation to capture session
data prior to issuing the dump commands.
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