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GBe2c VLAN - configuring tagging

Greg Beifuss

GBe2c VLAN - configuring tagging

I'm trying to configure my GBe2c for a trunk link to my network switches so I can assign different VLANs to the respective blade servers, but I cannot get this to work.

Here's what I've done at a high level:
- Configured the uplink port on the network switch to trunk mode and defined the appropriate VLANs. I followed the same process I use when configuring trunk links to other switches.
- Defined matching VLANs on the GBe2c
- Configured the uplink port (#21) on the Gbe2c as tagged. PVID is disabled. Member of all the defined VLANs. Default Port VLAN ID = 1.
- Configured the blade port (#3) as untagged (tagging = disabled). PVID is disabled. Default Port VLAN ID matches the traffic I want (103 - this was set when I added the port to VLAN 103)

If this setup sounds right, I'm going to blame the issue on my network switches (3COMs that I inherited) - I'm hoping to replace them in the next few months with Cisco products.

Occasional Visitor

Re: GBe2c VLAN - configuring tagging

GBe2c vlan trunks are dot1q (802.1q) trunks. Older switches might by default support another trunking method named vlt, if you omit the dot1q specification.