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GVRP VLAN Membership


GVRP VLAN Membership

Hi! I'm trying to configure two HP switches, 2824 and 2626 to sync VLANs.

The switches are connected by Fibre (one Port). I want to use the 2824 as the master switch so I put all Ports on that one to "Block gvrp". On the 2626 the Fibre-Port is set to "Learn gvrp". I tagged two VLANs from the master switch (ID 1+2) on the Fibre Port and they can be seen on the 2626 as GVRP_1 + GVRP_2 by using "show vlan" on the CLI. On the slave switch I gave them a name and set both vlans to "tagged"-mode on the uplink port.

All of this is what I expected but when I put a Port from the 2626 in the VLAN (untagged), it does not work. Did I miss something?

Re: GVRP VLAN Membership

Ok, the port on the slave switch connecting to the master has to be set to "auto" instead of "tagged" which makes sense...

What about the master switch? "auto" or "tagged"?