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I have a C7000 with 8 BL460C and 1 GbE2c inside.
I've made 2 separated vlans:
vlan1 - bay1-6, static
In the 1.11 is an apache server.
vlan2 - bay7-8, static
In the 1.17 is an FTP server.
I try to connect 2 lines to port 21 and 22 in the GbE2c and set there two static ip from the outside network. Is it possible to connect the port 21 with the bay and the port 22 with I would like to connect with the bays 1&7 using the outside ip addresses.
I guess it's very simple but I don't know how to do it on the GbE2c.
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Re: GbE2C


Why are you using subnet mask /24 when you only have 4 IP's in the subnet.

You should change your subnet mask or else use /24 and /24.