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GbE2c - loss packets

Occasional Advisor

GbE2c - loss packets


We have strange problem with this switches. We see, only on this switches, some packets loss between servers:

ping -c 10000 -i 0.001

10000 packets transmitted, 99940 received, 0% packet loss, time 10097ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.063/0.089/0.372/0.013 ms

Switches works ony in L2, igmp snooping is on, besides icmp loss, we notice also some ifInDiscards, about 20 packets/s. In normal work on 1Ge interface we have max about 500-600 Mb/s and ca 25k packets/s. When we removed vlans with multicast ( windows nlb clusters), the problem disapeared, but we had to remove this vlan
on both side of trunk. When we removed vlan only on hp switch side, the problem still was.

I'm not sure, i don't know, why multicast has so big impact on performance of switch, it's normal ? When we replace hp switches with extreme x450a switches everything was ok, there wasn't any packet loss, discards etc

thanks for any information or clue
Occasional Advisor

Re: GbE2c - loss packets

we noticed also, that if on the hp switch is at least one server, which use multicast, the both problems disapear. There is no icmp packet loss or another discard packets. But when the server and port is off, we have problem which i describe above.