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Gbic Speed switching problem on a 5406zl

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Gbic Speed switching problem on a 5406zl



I am using a 5406zl - 6 port with premium software (j9642A) (firmware - 15.10.09)

Using a 24-port SFP module (J9537A)

fitted with J8177C 1Gb RJ45 SFP


The SFP is supposed to switch down to 100Mb using the command - speed-duplex auto-100.

The command returns the following message 

"Value auto-100 is not applicable to port XX"

We have the exact same setup running on two identical Procurve switches (except running J8697A 5406 backplanes?) and the settings on those have succesfully been applied albeit with the 100-full setting (which doesn't work on the problem switch)

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Re: Gbic Speed switching problem on a 5406zl

Thanks Scooter, that is EXACTLY the issue and the resolution... I actually found the doc about two hours ago, but I very much appreciate the reply.


Just typical...  This issue has been effecting the switches for some time it would appear.