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Generic Unregistered Event on Ssystem Insight Manager

Frank Gruber
Occasional Advisor

Generic Unregistered Event on Ssystem Insight Manager


Having the following problem with a ProCurve 4204vl and HP SIM. Sometimes the ProCurve sends a trap to the SIM which is shown as Generic Unregistered Event, OID, Generic ID 6, Specific ID 5. So I compiled and registered the MIB hpicfFf.mib but the problem still persists. Further investigation shows that the OID for the hpicfFaultFinderTrap is defined as hpicfCommonTrapsPrefix 5 which results to 5 when fully dereferenced (which is slightly different because of the trailing 0). So my question remaining is: does the ProCurve send the wrong trap, is the MIB wrong, or did I miss anything else? I also checked seinding the trap 5 with a trap generator which is then recognized by SIM.

Thanks for any hints.