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Ghost and 5300XL, 4108GL

Matt Ballou
Occasional Advisor

Ghost and 5300XL, 4108GL

Having an issue with Cloning and our new HP Switches. We can clone with Client and Server using Directed and Multicast on the 2 switches, but anything on the otherside of the switch say our 4000M that is connected only can utilize Unicast. We are using the Default_vlan only at this point and still can only unicast at our remoted IDF 4000m, 2524 etc Connections. The 4108GL and 5300XL replaced 2- 4000m switches which never displayed any problem with multicast.
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Ghost and 5300XL, 4108GL

If you haven't done so already, make sure IGMP is enabled on all of your switches.

If possible try and make it so that the switch that has the ghost server connected to it, becomes the IGMP querier. You can ensure it becomes the querier by enabling IGMP on it first - or by specifically prohibiting the other switches to be querier.