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Gigabit-LX and Gigabit-SX

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Gigabit-LX and Gigabit-SX

1. Can I make a Gigabit-LX transceiver (J4132A) talk to a Gigabit-SX (J4131B)?

2. Can I make a Gigabit-LX module (J4114A) talk to a Gigabit-SX (J4131B)?

3. Can I make a Gigabit-LX transceiver (J4132A) talk to a Gigabit-LX module (J4114A)?

I'm worried about the laser wavelenght of the 3 pieces of equipment, as well as the optical fibers and connectors supported.
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Re: Gigabit-LX and Gigabit-SX

A Gigabit connection between a LX and a SX interface couldn't work : The wavelength used by each one are different (SX=850nm and LX=1300nm).
So your 1 & 2 are impossible.

If there is no particulary bug, two Gigabit LX transceivers can link together, just be carreful to the optic fiber :

- If Single mode fiber, the maximum IEEE standard distance is 5km.
Note that the HP J4132 can go up to 10km over single mode, but only if connected to a similar trancseiver.
The HP J4114 limit your link distance to 5km.

- If Multimode fiber (50&62.5), LX can go up to 550m.
Another important point :
Multimode fiber have often bad core characteristics so if your fiber is too long and/or have a bad quality, Crc & Alignmt errors could occur between two LX transceivers, even if the length is less than 550m.
To solve this problem, you must use a "Mode conditioning Patch Cord", which inject the light between the core and the cladding. See the diagram :
(This was a "very quick simple summary" for the mode conditioning theory - Sorry for optic fiber professionnals :-)
Note that this patchcord type is more expensive than ordinary patchcord, and one for both transceiver is required.

Tranceivers (J4132A and J4114A) have both SC connectors.

You can see manuals for them
For one:
For the Other :

Both have a section :
"Mode Conditioning Patch Cord for Gigabit-LX"
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Re: Gigabit-LX and Gigabit-SX

Merci beaucoup, Arnaud!