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Gigabit uplink from 5406 to 2524 does not work

Juergen Bachsteffel
Occasional Advisor

Gigabit uplink from 5406 to 2524 does not work


We have the following configuration:

Switch 5406zl (J8697A) Firmware K12.14

Switch 2524 (J4813A) Firmware F05.17
+ 100/1000T Transceiver J4834A

The gigabit uplink from the 2524 will not be recognized. The port status (on 5406) shows 100FDX.

I tried set the ports on both switches to
Auto-1000, but then the port status goes to 'down'.

I tested if it could be the cable, because the 2524 is in another building. I took
a 5-port Linksys Gigabit-Switch for testing and everthing works as expected. The Linkssys-Switch has no special Uplink-Port.

Let me know if you need more information.

Thanks in advance!


Neil Sutton

Re: Gigabit uplink from 5406 to 2524 does not work

We are having exactly the same problem here with a HP 4108GL and a HP 2524 switch, using the 100/1000T module we can only achieve 100mbps, if its forced to 1000 then the link goes down.. haven't managed to test with another switch into the 2524 yet but I'm guessing the 2524 is where the problem lies, and not the other end..
Juergen Bachsteffel
Occasional Advisor

Re: Gigabit uplink from 5406 to 2524 does not work

The solution is simple. We replaced the central Switch 5406, but did not reboot the 2524 switches in the different departments.

When you reboot the 2524 switches everthing works as expected :-)

Regards Juergen