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Gigabitethernet interworking

Clemens Bohnenblust
Occasional Contributor

Gigabitethernet interworking

I try to connect two systems with Gigabitethernet(SX).
The LED Link/Act is not flashing. I connect the link to a measurement equipment and this shows Received Signal ok, Link ok.
What can I do to get the link up between this two systems?
René Klomp
Occasional Visitor

Re: Gigabitethernet interworking

Set ip-addresses and try to ping eachother. en

Or r those 2 switches if so

ping them both have separate ip-addresses.
LED link/act not flashing is from switch or card<- if card try ping if that works update drivers.
- if port on switch or switch in total, try first other port in switch else reset switch.
Else make a serial connection and try to sent packages from switch to sumthin else or do a test.

Hope it is info u needed

Make sure they have same networkconfigurations if it r computers but not same ip adress.
Dmitry G. Spitsyn
Trusted Contributor

Re: Gigabitethernet interworking

Hello, Clemens !

You should ensure the both sides (ports) of the SX connection between two systems are set at the same speed/duplex mode. If there is inconsistence in the mode settings the link will not up (according to the 802.3z standard).

Marc Villeneuve_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Gigabitethernet interworking

I got same problem here between a HP procurve 4000 and a HP procurve 2524. Both port config was on AUTO. I have configure them at same rate like 1000FDX and now its work pefectly.

Joaquin Gil de Vergara
Respected Contributor

Re: Gigabitethernet interworking

you don't need to set IP address. Connection is made at layer 2.

if switches are different, you must to force the ports to the same settings (Half-Full Duplex and 1000SX, not auto).

Look at the fiber cable too... perhaps it's bad connected... one line is to tx and other to rx. Change connectors to probe it!

good luck!
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