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Re: Guest vlan ACL

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Guest vlan ACL

Hi all,

I am new to ACL's. 

I have a guest network setup on vlan 300

I am righting an ACL for the guest network to block access to the corp network.

I want to allow http, https, DNS to google DNS  and access to the dhcp that is being handed out by the switch.

This is what I have so far.

10 permit tcp any host eq 53

20 permit tcp any host eq "not sure how to grant DHCP access since the switch is handing out DHCP on that vlan.

30 deny ip any any

Any help would be great thank you,


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Re: Guest vlan ACL


For allowing any particular service , need to mention equivalent TCP or UDP port no.

command format varies from switch type and firmware used.

it can be found in refrence guide accordingly.




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