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H.08.53 Bug(s)

H.08.53 Bug(s)

Hi !

Then the H.08.53 software is out and availible on the web for downloading.

I can allready see the first cli bug :

This is config from H.07.50 :

spanning-tree protocol-version stp
spanning-tree 49-50 mode uplink
spanning-tree 1-48 mode fast

This the H.08.53 config :

spanning-tree protocol-version STP

As you can see the spanning-three config is missing, but if I go into the menu, then I can see the correct spanning-three config.

Jason Scott
Regular Advisor

Re: H.08.53 Bug(s)

I have never seen the spanning-tree 1-48 mode fast command implemented on the HP switches. The way I understood it was that functionality came from entering spanning-tree 1-48 edge-port. Doing spanning-tree mode on a pre 0.53 switch results in an invalid error?