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HA7867-AA PSU and Router T1 (DEWB1-N)

Adrian Ogden
Frequent Advisor

HA7867-AA PSU and Router T1 (DEWB1-N)

I'm having trouble finding PSU's that will drive this Router properly. Even identical HA7867-AA (B01) may or may not drive it (power light flashes continously).

Any info appreciated.
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: HA7867-AA PSU and Router T1 (DEWB1-N)

Sounds like it is drawing too much current. Does it work when you have the "strong" PSU driving it? Possibly a filter capacitor is leaking. See if you have any electrolytic caps in the router. They are prone to leaking over time. Also check that your input AC voltage is the right value and Hz. Some of the older units required you to flip a switch for different values.

What voltages does the PSU deliver? Perhaps you can find a generic one that has a bit more umph.