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HELP Trying to add the right MODEM

Heather Tate
Occasional Visitor

HELP Trying to add the right MODEM

I'm trying to add the correct modem to my HP e-pc 42. It was given to me by a co-worker, which I think he had to do a memory dump to get all the junk off. I don't know that that would effect the modem, but I need to know what to add so that I can get on the internet from that PC. Can anyone please please help me?????
Jorge Pinto Leite
Respected Contributor

Re: HELP Trying to add the right MODEM


Wich modem is yours? What OS are your e-pc 42 running?

Just place the modem in the right slot (assuming it is a card) and let the OS recognize it.

Before installing the modem on the PC, it should be wise to record its manufacturer and model. If the OS does not recognizes the modem just go to a PC with internet access and search for the drivers (try www.driverguide.com).

Good luck