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Re: HIgh CPU usage on 8212

Occasional Contributor

HIgh CPU usage on 8212

I am getting an intermittent, very high CPU usage(80% +) on one of our 4 81212zl switches.
Switch=FW 13.25, OSPF and MSTP enabled, with about 30 VLANs. Traffic load is never greater than 20%, and usually far below that.
(I know 13.25 has had crashes/ICMP issues--we have experienced them also)
Was wondering in anyone has seen similar issues of high CPU?
Honored Contributor

Re: HIgh CPU usage on 8212

Is your default route in the same VLAN as many other devices? (ICMP redirects can come into play that way and I have seen that cause high CPU utilisation). Best practice is to put your default route device into it's own VLAN, but otherwise I believe K.13.44 should fix it (need to contact support for that).

Otherwise is your spanning-tree stable? 'show span' and check your time since last topology change.
Occasional Contributor

Re: HIgh CPU usage on 8212

Our default gateway is on the same VLAN as most of our devices.
I reviewed my config, and found I did not have the command "no ip icmp redirect' in the config. We should have, we had seen that problem and had added it to our other swtches.. Spanning-tree is stable.

I added the "no ip icmp redirect", and will monitor to determine if that resolved the issue.
Wait for 13.44. We have had many issues.