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HL4104GL - Capable of being a layer 3 switch

Matthew Seymour
Occasional Visitor

HL4104GL - Capable of being a layer 3 switch

Hi we upgraded our network from old hubs back in 2005.

We have recently started running out of IP address supplied to us by our ISP/County council provided internet service. We have been told that we have the option of purchasing a layer 3 switch and moving ourselves to a /20 address pool.

to my knowledge and from reading it seems as though the HL4140GL is cabapable of being the layer 3 switch that we need though i am not completely sure and if it is i am definately not sure how to go about setting it up to be.

I have used telnet and the web interface to look at every config page i can and have not beein enlightened.

the only thing i haven't tried is updating the firmware of the switch as i am having trouble doing so at the moment and have been told that general practice is to not update firmware unless you are experiencing a bug of the current firmware of are looking for a feature inherent in a newer firmware. and currently i am not aware if it is a feature of the newer firmware.
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: HL4104GL - Capable of being a layer 3 switch

this is about the 4100 series
that says :
Layer 3 routing
Basic IP routing:
Enables automatic routing to the connected VLANs and up to 16 static routes-including one default route-in IP networks <<<

try this link (also for the 4104)http://www.hp.com/rnd/support/manuals/4108gl.htm
management and config -> chapter-7 : ip routing features