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HP 1800-24G VLAN Trunking problem

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HP 1800-24G VLAN Trunking problem

I have an HP 1800-24G that I am trying to get VLAN trunking to work with a Citrix NetScaler. The NetScaler config has worked before on a crisco switch, so I know it is valid. I need to configure one port as a VLAN trunk, and 3 other ports as members of that trunk for VLANs 172 and 65.
Thanks for the help.
Pieter 't Hart
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Re: HP 1800-24G VLAN Trunking problem

As far as i read the 1800 doc the term "trunking" is not used in the config you want!
A trunk on the 1800 is comparable to etherchannel or LACP. so its for combining mutlitple ports to work as a single link.

what you need is to configure the ports to send vlan packets as "tagged" to the interconnecting port(s)/trunk.