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Re: HP 1810G two networks

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HP 1810G two networks


I have 2 networks (one for voip one for internet)

How can I separate switch so first half of ports will use DHCP router for voip and other half of ports will use second part od ports?



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Re: HP 1810G two networks

Generally separation (broadcast domain separation) requires the usage of defined VLANs (one for Data and one for Voice) and, again generally, Switch ports used to connect VoIP phoned are tagged members of Voice VLAN and untagged members of Data VLAN.

When you seize your Switch in order to have, let me say, half of its ports untagged members of a particular VLAN ID and the other half untagged members of another VLAN ID then you need an external router (or equivalent internal Layer 3 IP routing features, if provided/supported by the Switch itself) to manage IP traffic routing between VLAN IDs...clearly if that is required by your network topology (there are cases where you need to keep traffic strictly separated up to a Firewall, as example). So it all boils down to what you have (in terms of features and network topology) and what are your requirements.

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