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HP 2150 uptime bug

Occasional Visitor

HP 2150 uptime bug

It seems that HP 2510-24 are affected by an uptime bug: they came up on August 2 2007, and today 21 September 2007 their uptime reset, 49 days after. Anyway, there wasn't no problem with network at all.

All switches are using latest software Q.11.02.

Best regards,
Daniele Di Domizio
Phil Brutsche
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP 2150 uptime bug

You aren't imagining things, I just noticed the same on my 2510-24. It is also running Q.11.02

However I should note that the latest is Q.11.04. It's not listed on the web site, but is on the FTP server:


Unfortunately it will take 49 days to see if Q.11.04 fixes this "problem" - in all honesty this is cosmetic and not worth losing sleep over once you realize your switch didn't decide to spontaneously reboot.
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 2150 uptime bug

Sounds like sysUpTime is polling a millisecond counter instead of a centisecond counter. It should usually wrap at 497 days.