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HP 2424 Switch - Is it managable?

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Jeri Menssen
Occasional Visitor

HP 2424 Switch - Is it managable?

We have a HP 2424 switch and were using it with a managed hub, but were getting an error when transferring data .tif across domains. The error indicates that there may be a dublex mixmatch. I'm able to manage the hub with an IP, but I don't have the manual for the switch. It has a serial port on it, but I don't know what I have to do to change the dublex to 100FDx.
John Collier
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Re: HP 2424 Switch - Is it managable?


This is a rather obscure way of proving the point, but if you read this web page ( http://www.tworoads.net/~srp/hn/ ) you will see that the person that describes his private network claims to be managing his HP 2424 via SNMP/MRTG.

I realize that pointing you to that web site isn't the most scientific way to prove my point, but I'm sure that a rather short trio through Google with well thought out search terms could provide you with more support for my claims. I would do it for you, but I'm a bit pressed for time right this moment.

I was unable to locate the exact online manuals for the switch, but if you can get logged into it, most of them have some sort of help utility (on Cisco, you type a simple question mark of the word 'help'). This switch should be no different.

If time permits, I will look further for the user's manual for the switch, but I would strongly suggest making Google work for you on this.

Best of luck,

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Let us know if this answers your question well enough or if you require more information.

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Re: HP 2424 Switch - Is it managable?

Hello Jeri,

The HP switch 2424M is manageble yes. You will need a Null-modem cable to connect the serialport to your comport and then make a connection with hyperterminal. For the settings and configuration I refer to the Management and Configuration guide on:


and the rest of the manuals on:


Kind regards,


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Re: HP 2424 Switch - Is it managable?

All of the above advice on management should get this side up and going, however I picked up one thing from your request above that may be an issue.

You mentioned you want to run the switch port connecting to the hub at 100FDx?

If this is the case - this won't work. Hubs by their very nature are Half Duplex devices. They cannot run at full duplex.

I would recommend either hard coding both sides to 100meg Half Duplex (you won't have a choice on the hub). If this doesn't work, try letting the switch autodetect the speed and duplex. It should come up at 100HDx anyway.

Last options : try a different cable and/or try forcing both sides to 10meg Half Duplex.

Jeri Menssen
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP 2424 Switch - Is it managable?

I want to thank both Shane and Scooter for helping me with documentation and advise. I am heading over there right now to assign an IP. I should be able to telnet or connect through a web interface after doing so and then I will assign it 100HDx on both the Switch and Hub (Thank You Shane for advise on the Hub). I will let you guys know the results.