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HP 2510-48 and 2510G 24Port - Excessive broadcasts

Occasional Advisor

HP 2510-48 and 2510G 24Port - Excessive broadcasts

Hi All,

We have 3 x 2510 48Port and 2 x 2510G 24Port switches, no vlans (the 3rd switch isn't in action yet).

Installed these switches in February 2010 and
haven't rebooted the switches since install (more then 60days).

there are quite a few broadcast detected on ports for e.g. broadcast detected on port 13 (same ports almost everyday in the morning) when the user switches on the pc - I guess.

Most of the ports are the same, like broadcast detected on port 13 etc, that would happen every day at the same time (morning).

Also, I noticed CRC / Alignment Errors as well

Any thoughts on that - what should be done to get rid of these ?

Kind Regards
AAPP Toledo
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP 2510-48 and 2510G 24Port - Excessive broadcasts

Hi There,

Do you try with the command broadcast-limit?

Switch1# configure terminal
Switch1(config)# interface 13
Switch1(eth-13)# broadcast-limit
<0-99> Enter an integer number for the 'broadcast-limit'

Switch1(eth-13)# broadcast-limit 30

I'm working with a several HPs (5400, 2400, etc) and configuring this command I control the broadcast traffic. Always caused by the printers.

I hope to help you at least a little bit.

Greetings from Spain.

Mohammed Faiz
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 2510-48 and 2510G 24Port - Excessive broadcasts

If the broadcasts aren't causing any problems I wouldn't worry about it, most devices send some form of broadcast traffic so it's perfectly normal.
CRC/Alignment errors can be caused by a few things. How many ports is this showing on and how frequently?
You can check back through the logs "show log -a" to see when the errors were generated.
If you're looking at a live port you can clear the stats on that port "clear stat x" (will only be cleared for your current login session) and then "show int x" to see if the errors are current.

Re: HP 2510-48 and 2510G 24Port - Excessive broadcasts

Okay here we go for the real solution:


It's an HP Bug if these errors occur on the first machine boot.

Contact the Support for the latest software.


The Problem should be gone with Y.11.35 or higher.

The current Release-To-Web Software is very outdated.


Also the Y.11.16 which is the latest Release-To-Web software includes a bug which brings on a switch crash and reboot if you try to download the current software over the web-interface.

Kind regards

Re: HP 2510-48 and 2510G 24Port - Excessive broadcasts

Y.11.35 is released to web
Kind regards