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HP 2524: Spanning Tree on Stacking Links

Bernhard Jethan
Occasional Contributor

HP 2524: Spanning Tree on Stacking Links


we want to connect two hp2524 switches to stack using the stacking-kit. so both switches have one remaining expansion slot free.
is it possible to use both remaining slots for uplinks to the same core switch (perhaps link-aggregation of theses two gig-links), or does a spanning tree run over the stacking link? does the stacking link between these two swtiches create a layer 2 loop, or can the stack be seen a one logical switch (from the spanning-tree point of view)?

kind regards,

Guido Ruhnau

Re: HP 2524: Spanning Tree on Stacking Links

stp over stacking is no problem,
but if you want to a redundant path, it is cheaper to use a 100mbit crosslink.
we have tested several things and the behaviour of the stack is nearly the same as a 1000T connection. The differenz:
connection is always autoneg and you have only a very short cable. stp is only running, if you´ve configured it. Buy a another stacking kit so you can do the trunk.

Best regards