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HP 2524 switch problem: vlans and Internet

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HP 2524 switch problem: vlans and Internet

Dear Sirs

I have a problem with HP 2524 switch: second VLAN computers cannot access Internet.
Here is switch Startup configuration:

; J4813A Configuration Editor; Created on release #F.05.22

hostname "HP ProCurve Switch 2524"
time daylight-time-rule None
cdp run
ip default-gateway
snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
snmp-server host "public"
snmp-server host "public"
snmp-server host "public" Not-INFO
vlan 1
untagged 1-20
ip address
no untagged 21-26
vlan 2
untagged 21-26
ip address
no aaa port-access authenticator active
password manager
password operator

Windows machines that are connected to DEFAULT_VLAN can access Internet without any problems. Machines connected to NEW_NET_VLAN cannot. What is wrong?

P.S. is Cisco router to Internet. Client machines have the following config:

Connected to DEFAULT_VLAN:

Connected to NEW_NET_VLAN:

Thank you

Ron Kinner
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Re: HP 2524 switch problem: vlans and Internet

There is nothing wrong. That's just the way it works. The 2524 is not a layer 3 switch so there is no traffic between VLANs.

You have three options. Isolated Port Groups instead of VLANs is probably your easiest. Look in the release notes for the latest software version.


page 6. This has the least impact on your users and does not require any changes to your router but still isolates the two groups of users.

Alternatively you can set up the Cisco (if it supports fast ethernet and VLANs) to do the routing for both VLANs. This is kind of tricky and depends on which version of the Cisco IOS you are running exactly how it is implemented. Another method if you have spare ports on the Cisco and the 2524 then you can connect another port on the Cisco to an untagged VLAN2 port on the switch and give the Cisco's port an IP address in the 192.168.2 subnet which your users in VLAN2 will have to use for their default gateway. (Regardless of which Cisco option you take you will have to have your VLAN2 users use a new IP address for their default gateway.

One other problem you may run into with VLANs is that the NAT on the router may have to be adjusted to add the 192.168.2 subnets to its NAT list.

Let me know which method you want to use and which Cisco router and IOS version and I can tell you how to set it up.

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Re: HP 2524 switch problem: vlans and Internet

Dear Martin,

1. We are not "Sirs". Just some guys like you who have various networking problems and try to help each other in the best way we can.

2. Have Ron's answers helped you? Heve you got NEW_NET_VLAN users connected to Internet?