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HP 2524 - very unstable

Gary Peltola
Occasional Contributor

HP 2524 - very unstable

In the last few days, My switches have become very very unstable, to the point of where traffic is fine, but getting into the management area (http) freezes the interface with just the "Class Files" loading...i also noticed in the past, i would never see those class bars loading, the interface would be very quick...now that this problem "sprouted" up, i always see them. anyway after they freeze, i cant ping for about 10 minutes, until it seems to "reset" itself.

I got 2 2524's chained, i thought that was the problem, seems not (disabled the chain), problem still exist's

Anyone have any ideas of what may be causing this?

When system doesnt "Freeze" i am able to get into command menu OK....
Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: HP 2524 - very unstable


First of all, check that you're running the latest FW on the switches, F.05.09.

Other thing on web interface is that it's dependant on the browser and java versions. For configuration I'd advise to use Telnet connection.

Gary Peltola
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP 2524 - very unstable

thanks, i did find out that it was my local machine causing the instablity, thanks to sun's java (instead of the default ms java)

after removing the sun java, system could be accessed normally