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HP 2600-8 multiple PVID's?

Benjamin Woenig
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HP 2600-8 multiple PVID's?


I am attempting to utilise a HP Procurve 2600-8 PoE switch with a hospitality specific product for controlling Internet access (a Netcomm IAC4500 to be precise, manufactured by Handlink). This device provides individual VLANs for each guest room, utilising port location mapping. I have to assign a Port VLAN ID (PVID) to each physical port on a unique VLAN specific to that hotel room.

For example:
Hotel Room 1 might have
VLAN 101
PVID 101
Hotel Room 2
VLAN 102
PVID 102
- every PVID assigned to each port must be unique.

I have searched and tinkered with the 2600-8 and cannot find a command to modify the PVID for each individual port. Is there a firmware upgrade to allow this? Deep within a Procurve manual for another switch series (3500 from memory), it looks like it can only have one common PVID assigned to the switch globally?

The firmware version is H.10.38, ROM H.08.03

Any help would be most appreciated.

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Pieter 't Hart
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Re: HP 2600-8 multiple PVID's?

what i think you need is to put all ports untagged in it's own separate vlan
you dont need to change the primary vlan!

the PVID (private vlan) used on other brand switches, is something different than the primary vlan on the procurve .

from advanced traffic mangement guide :
The Primary VLAN
Because certain features and management functions, such as single IP-address stacking, run on only one VLAN in the switch, and because DHCP and Bootp can run per-VLAN, there is a need for a dedicated VLAN to manage these features and ensure that multiple instances of DHCP or Bootp on different VLANs do not result in conflicting configuration values for the switch. The primary VLAN is the VLAN the switch uses to run and manage these features and dat


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Re: HP 2600-8 multiple PVID's?

Hi. I'm having the same issue ....  many years after :)

Did you find the solution?

I have a similar situation.



I guess my problem is answering somehow to your question.