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HP 2626 VLAN help

Jay B.
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HP 2626 VLAN help

My problem is not so much complex as it is limited in time.
I have an HP 2626 switch, that needs to connect to 2 3Com 5012 Routers... I also have no access to the routers. I am thinking about setting up 2 VLANS for intercommunications between the switch and the routers. Problem is I have to configure everything BEFORE making it live with no test environment. I am wondering if the 2626 would be capable of routing between 2 Vlans and by setting the individual Gateways to 10.x.x.180/8 and 10.x.x.181/8 without losing anything on the local subnet. Basically the routers are for connecting remote sites and the switch for the local network.
Now I want the switch IP staticly set to 10.x.x.1/8. Could I in theory assign it it's own IP as its default gateway for the Local Subnet, while pointing the 2 VLANS to use the switch IP as the universal gateway. If anyone has a better idea I am open to anything at this point... Thank you for the help.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: HP 2626 VLAN help


After you create the Vlans on the ProCurve 2626, enable IP Routing between them:
2626(config)# ip routing

then add a static route to point to your 3com switch for remote sites, which will be the default route:
2626(config)# ip route

Make the is the 3com ip address, in this case routing between the vlans is done internally on the 2626 switch, and other traffic which goes for outside branches will be directed to the 3com that can handle it.

But i think we miss something here, you should add another static route on the 3com router to point to the Switch 2626 vlan1 ip address in case of vlan2 traffic.

This is a simple scenario and more effecient thats becasue all inter vlan routing done on the switch 2626 without going to the 3com, only other traffic for internet and to connect to remote sites will be go through the 3com router.

I wish if this can help.

Good Luck !!!
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