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HP 2650 PWR - Avaya IP office SW5610 phone

Joris Deschacht
Occasional Advisor

HP 2650 PWR - Avaya IP office SW5610 phone


I'am fairly new to ip telephony and I have to setup an IP office on some HP 2650 switches with PoE.
All the IP Phones have an ethernet interface for connecting a PC.

So I think I need to configure two VLANs (Data & Voice) and put Qos on the Voice VLAN.

I have a w3k server that need to provide DHCP for the PC's connected to the Ip Phones interface and the IP Office will provide DHCP for the Phones.

Now I need to know how to configure the switchports where the phones are connected to and how will the PC receive an ip adress for the DATA vlan ?

any help is appreciated

Sietze Reitsma
Respected Contributor

Re: HP 2650 PWR - Avaya IP office SW5610 phone


try to download the voip cookbook from the procurve site.


I think if you follow the chapter of the Mitel instructions you will find your way out.

Avaya also has cookbooks for Procurve:

Manfred Arndt
Valued Contributor

Re: HP 2650 PWR - Avaya IP office SW5610 phone

Hi Joris,

Here is a new Avaya cookbooks for Procurve that contains detailed switch configuration and DHCP server settings you need:


On edge-ports (with phone and PC), you will need a tagged voice VLAN for the phone and untagged data VLAN for the PCs:

# vlan 30 name "Data"
# vlan 30 untagged
# vlan 60 name "Voice"
# vlan 60 voice
# vlan 60 tagged

On the port to the IP Office, you will need only the untagged voice VLAN:

# vlan 60 untagged

Avaya uses a vendor specific DHCP option 176, so the phone can auto-discover the voice VLAN. Initially, the phone boots on the data VLAN and learns the voice VLAN via option 176, and then reboots using the correct tagged VLAN. (You can also set the voice VLAN via manual phone config).

Here is the option you need to add to your DHCP server on the data VLAN:

Option 176 Avaya Option: L2Q=1,L2QVLAN=60