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HP 2650-PWR Spanning Tree

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HP 2650-PWR Spanning Tree

We have a number of HP2650PWR switches set up with Vlan 1 (default) for data and Vlan 2 for voice.
I'd like to ensure the most appropriate version of spanning tree is enabled across the LAN, and enable some redundant links between switches (in effect creating deliberate loops).

How do I set the priority of particular ports or routes using the CLI so by default they're blocked but will come alive should other uplinks fail?

Also how do I configure the different versions of STP / RSTP?

Also how do I configure which vlan is the 'Management Vlan'?

Thanks in advance...

Re: HP 2650-PWR Spanning Tree

Hello Simon,

In regards to using Spanning Tree on the 2600 series, you would most likely be looking at using MSTP. This involves setting up separate instances and assigning the instances to your vlans, so I would recommend taking a look at the Chapter 5 of the Advanced Traffic Management Guide for the 2600 series for the details.

Here is a link to the manuals:


I hope this helps get you going in the right direction.



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