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HP 2650 consol login gives wierd characters

Occasional Contributor

HP 2650 consol login gives wierd characters


I have an HP 2650 Procurve switch. I tried to login using the consol. It gets to the "Initialization...done" part but, then goes into a bunch of wierd characters.

I tried resetting to factory defaults but, that doesn't work and I don't have the same problem with other switches.

Attached is a screenshot of the error

Has anyone seen this?
Les Ligetfalvy
Esteemed Contributor

Re: HP 2650 consol login gives wierd characters

I presume everything looks OK in a telnet session. I think that the console setting got changed.

console [terminal [screen-refresh ] [events ] [baud-rate ] [flow-control ] [inactivity ]
Sets the console parameters.
 terminal - Type of terminal being used (default is vt100).
 screen-refresh <1|3|5|10|20|30|45|60> - Sets the number of seconds before a refresh is done on the â Status and Countersâ screens (default is 3).
 events ] â The level of Switch events displayed in Events Log. all - display all; none - display no events; not-info - display all events except informational-only; critical - display only critical-level events; debug (reserved for Internal use only).
 baud-rate ] - Sets the data transmission speed for switch connect sessions initiated through the Console port. Default is speed-sense.
 flow-control - Flow Control Method; default is xon-xoff.
 inactivity-timer <0 | 1 | 5 | 10 | 15 | 20 | 30 | 60 | 120> - Sets the number of minutes of inactivity allowed by the switch before the switch will terminate the communication session. 0 means never terminate