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HP 2824 and Cisco 2811 Voice VLAN

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HP 2824 and Cisco 2811 Voice VLAN


I have a HP 2824 switch and a cisco 2811 VOIP router with two FE ports. We are trying to configure 2 VLANS so that we can use one network cable into the Cisco handsets and also allow the data traffic to pass through the phone via the phone's inbuilt 2 port switch

I found have found articles on how to get it working with a Cisco switch but am having problems with the config differences using the HP.

Has anyone had experience with this before?

Matt Hobbs
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Re: HP 2824 and Cisco 2811 Voice VLAN

For a very basic overview, you would simply create the new Voice VLAN on the ProCurve and tag the ports that require access to this VLAN (phones and the uplink to the router)

2824(config)#vlan 2
2824(vlan-2)#tagged 1-24
2824(vlan-2)#wr mem

This is assumming that all data traffic is in the default native VLAN1.