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HP 2824 vlan routing

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HP 2824 vlan routing

Iâ d like to ask you some configurations. Let me tell you the situation.
We have one internal department that connects directly to remote department with ADSL line. User complaints the line is too slow due to their high data transmission. So we are trying to configure a backup link for both department users. We will put one 2824 switch to each department. We need to configure VLAN and routing between these VLAN. The default link should be 192.168.x.x link and ADSL link would be backup link. If 192.168.x.x down, remote dep: user can connect internal dep: via ADSL link. I am simulating this configuration with 3 HP switch but still canâ t figure out. I am not familiar with HP switch and still digging in the manual.
Can someone help me for this configuration?
Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: HP 2824 vlan routing


Basically you won't find any advanced routing features in the 2800, like using administrative distance.

So i suggest you add a default route to your 2800 switches pointing to the Cisco router, and you can configure there Main and Backup routes for both locations.

Meaning, If a PC from the internal dept. wants to access the remote LAN,
Then on that 2800 switch for the internal dept. there should be only one Default Route to the Cisco router (and no route to the remote LAN), and on the Cisco router you can define 2 routes to that Remote site,
Main route through 192.168.x.x and Backup route through the ADSL.

Good Luck !!!
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Re: HP 2824 vlan routing

Thanks a lot.

I am also thinking about this configuration. I will try and another one more question, If I want to connect HP procurve with 2 Vlans to cisco router, do i need to do encapsulation (dot1Q) and any trunking? And how can I do that?
Thanks for your time and sharing knowledge.

All the Best!