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HP 2848 J4904A (boot problem)

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HP 2848 J4904A (boot problem)



I have some problem with my switch, having trouble to boot it up corectly.


Every time i boot it, it goes in to ROM BUILD mode and i guest the firmware was corrupt.

So I uploaden a newer one (i.10.77) so far so good. And I placed it on my flash as a secondary boot


I rebooted and the switch still going in to ROM BUILD mode, and I just typed in jp, and the switch is starting normaly.

I typed in boot system flash secondary and rebooted again. Still the same.

I removed to old firmware and set my i.10.77 firmware as the first and only firmware and re-typed boot system flash primary and rebooted. But still the same.


Why should i do? I cant restart my switch whitout start i manually thorogh the console cable?

help please :)