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HP 2910al Setup Queries

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HP 2910al Setup Queries

We are goign voip.


Existing Data network is on a  Works fine.

We also have 2x external site to site vpns going to and


I have a 2910al 48 port for the 172. site and a 24 port 2910al for the 192 site.


We plan to seperate the voice from the data networks on the 172 lan.  So Cisco to Firewall, firewall lan01 to data and lan02 to voice.

I have configured 2x vlans on the new switch.


I am now stuck.

Here is the current config:


HP-E2910al-48G-PoE(config)# show config

Startup configuration:

; J9148A Configuration Editor; Created on release #W.15.08.0012
; Ver #02:11.05:16
hostname "HP-E2910al-48G-PoE"
module 1 type j9148a
power-over-ethernet pre-std-detect
interface 1
name "HP1910"
no power-over-ethernet
interface 2
no power-over-ethernet
interface 3
no power-over-ethernet
interface 4
no power-over-ethernet
interface 5
no power-over-ethernet
interface 6
no power-over-ethernet
interface 7
name "Shoretel E1k"
interface 8
name "Shoretel SG90"
interface 9
name "Shoretel SG90Bri"
interface 48
name "vlan20 to Firewall"
snmp-server community "public" unrestricted
snmp-server contact "IT" location ""
vlan 1
no untagged 7-48
untagged 1-6
ip address
vlan 20
name "Voice"
untagged 7-48
ip address
ip helper-address
ip helper-address
no autorun
password manager


DHCP scope of has been configured on the Win2k8 server..


The client machine i am testing isnt getting an ip.



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Re: HP 2910al Setup Queries

What's goin on with your subnet masks?


You say you have an existing network that works fine.


Then you describe a VLAN 1 subnet on this switch that clashes with that network. A /16 mask is probably never a good idea anyway.


I would always test my setup with a static address on the networks first, before worrying about DHCP.

When setting up a new network, I tend to follow this pattern:


Setup physical infrastructure

 - install each switch

 - observe link light

 - test L2 connectivity with its neighbours with LLDP

Setup Data VLAN,

  - Create VLAN

  - assign Data subnet router/def.GW address

  - extend Data VLAN where required.

Use my laptop to test Data VLAN accessibility

 - between devices on same switch,

 - between devices on different switches, (test every switch)

 - between devices and any WAN resources they require

 - test DHCP

 - test any other services

Setup Voice VLAN

 - (same)

Use my laptop to test Voice VLAN accessibility

 - (same)


A couple of things:

Best not to use VLAN1

Ideally when setting up the infrastructure, setup a dedicated management network for your switches, so they are in their own VLAN/subnet.


How are the 192. subnets relevant to this problem, BTW?