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HP-4104gl request time out

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HP-4104gl request time out

Dear all,

We have 8 Hp-4104gl configured with multiple valns.

When pinging Switch IP address (defined on vlan 1) there are packet loss while pinging any computer connected to any other vlan, there are no packet losses.

We have upgraded Firmware to latest on some them, still the problem exist.

Sergej Gurenko
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP-4104gl request time out

It is management vlan protection. Use manual to reed more. Disable Vlan 1 as managenet VLAN with the folowing command:
HPswitch (config)# no management-vlan 1

â   Only traffic from the Management VLAN can manage the switch, which
means that only the workstations and PCs connected to ports belonging
to the Management VLAN can manage and reconfigure the switc