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HP 4108gl froze

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HP 4108gl froze

Hi All,

I recently replaced 3 2524's with an HP 4108. The switch was tested by an HP engineer and all appeared to be in good working order. I configured the switch and placed it on our network with no problems. I tested various connections through the switch and the network appeared to be functioning correctly.

After about 14hrs 'live' on the network, The switch 'froze'. We lost all network connectivity through it and i was unable to access it by either telnet or console.

We swapped it out and got the network running again, But even after restarting the switch (A number of times) and leaving it overnight i was still unable to gain console access.I tried a factory reset and still no access.

After about two days on the bench, the switch came back to life with the config that i installed on it.

HAs anyone ever come accross this before?

I have contacted HP for a replacement and am waiting to hear back. It seems a bit odd that it just suddenly allowed me to have access.


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Re: HP 4108gl froze


Did the exchange unit solve the problem? Were you able to get some logfiles from the switch at all (crashlog, showtech)?
What firmware was running on the switch? Any configuration? In what kind of network was it placed?