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HP 5300 Went down

Hp 5300 Went Down
Occasional Advisor

HP 5300 Went down

Hi to everyone,
I had this problem today on a customer site:
I was trying to connect to the core hp5300 switch.
I get this message back: "sorry, the maximum number of active telnet session.....plese try again later".
I was also unable to connect to the 5300 via console cable.
After 2 hours that i was trying to connect to the switch, the device reboot itself.
You can find the "sh logg" output after the problem. anyone has experienced the same problem?
Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 5300 Went down

Hy there,

I saw something funny in you're log,i am the type who like to put the dot' on my I, you're date on HP 5300 is 05/29/90 06:49:01, you could have a problem hardware?
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 5300 Went down


You have to visit this switch physically and connect by console cable then you can run:

Switch#show telnet

then you will get all the telnet sessions ended improperly and you can use the command:


Also i have 2 advices for you:

1- Instruct whoever telnet to the switch to terminate his session properly by using exit command or ctrl+z

2- Issue the following command to any ProCurve switch you see in your life :)

Switch(config)#console inactivity-timer 15

And this will end any session after 15 minutes (you can change), and of course you need to restart the switch after that.

Why ProCurve not like any other vendor keep this command enabled by default for any value, because nobody pay attention to that.

Good Luck !!!
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