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HP 5304xl using 802.1Q tagging

Scott Hope_1
Occasional Contributor

HP 5304xl using 802.1Q tagging

Hi there,

we currently have a 5304xl which seems to be removing the destination field from tagged frames from a Novell authentication server going back to the client.

In doing a sniff, we can see the frame leave the authentication server with the destination field indicating the client address to be honored. Once it is pushed through the 5304xl tagging process, the destination field is stripped from the frame and indicates as destination.

Does anyone know if this is a feature of the 5304xl's or some form of corruption in the tagging process?


Hardware/Software specs
HP ProCurve 5304xl Switch
Running E.08.07 firmware
Running E.05.04 ROM
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 5304xl using 802.1Q tagging

Don't see anything in the release notes or the manual about that.


Sounds like a bug to me. You are running an old version of code so it might be a good idea to upgrade to the latest E.09.03 before contacting the HP Procurve folks directly.



Jeff Brownell
Valued Contributor

Re: HP 5304xl using 802.1Q tagging

Do you have QoS classifiers for prioritizing outbound packets set on the 5300? If so, read below; if not, your best bet would be to open a support call with hp serivices to address the problem. This is not something I've heard of outside of QoS classifiers..

There are 7 QoS classifiers (packet criteria) for traffic prioritization evaluated in the following order of precedence:

1) UDP/TCP Application Type (port)
2) Device Priority (destination or source IP address)
3) IP Type of Service (ToS) field (IP packets only)
4) Protocol Priority (IP, IPX, ARP, DEC LAT, AppleTalk, SNA, and NetBeui)
5) VLAN Priority
6) Incoming source-port on the switch
7) Incoming 802.1p Priority (present in tagged VLAN environments)

If the switch is configured with multiple classifiers that address the same packet,
the switch uses only the QoS configuration for the QoS classifier that has the
highest precedence.

Please review Knowledge Base doc id KBAN00001146 or page 8-9 8-10 of the 5300XL advanced traffic management guide: