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HP 5308 and 5406 won't talk gig

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HP 5308 and 5406 won't talk gig

I have a HP 5406(Module Gig-T/SFP zl) connected to a 5308(Module J4821B XL 100/1000-T) connected via copper. When set at auto, or auto-1000 they will not talk. It errors on 1000-full saying: Value 1000-full is not applicable. Link comes up, each side sends packets; but neither side receives an packets. When I set connection to 100-full both sides comes up and are happy(and consiquently blocked by RSTP - but once that comes up I can detect and solve that).

Firmware is E.11.21/E.11.21 for the 5308 and K.15.04/K.15.06 on the 5406. I have other gig ports off of the 5406 so doubt it's the firmware on the 5406.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you in advance,

John Gelten
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Re: HP 5308 and 5406 won't talk gig

Could this be a layer-1 issue : bad cable ?

In my experience, these symptoms have always been caused by something like an old CAT3 cable (only four of the eight pins cabled) or a fancy recent cable that is somehow 'not good'.

The auto/auto setting should normally work just fine. If given a choice I would prefer a cross-cable, even though the auto-MDIX should work fine; it can give 'issues' when under load with certain switches.