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HP 5412zl IP Routing problem

BeKTra Admin
Occasional Visitor

HP 5412zl IP Routing problem

I'm planning to create a few VLAN to free up some IP's on our main IP range, so we bought this switch to do the job.

At first I just wanted to see if I could get the VLANs and routing between them to work and no I couldn't.

The Default VLAN seems to route to the other VLANs with out problem. But the created VLANs can only Ping the Gateway adresses for the VLANs and the Gateway of the Firewall.

IP routing is enabled, VLANs have manually configured IP's, ip route x.x.x.x configured to our main firewall. Even tried out Default VLAN as ip route x.x.x.x, but no routing between VLANs.

I have updated the firmeware, rebooted and still no routing between VLANs. But when a computer from Default VLAN connect to another PC on another VLAN, then that PC can Ping the PC on the Default VLAN.

What is missing here?
Gary Chu PQ
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP 5412zl IP Routing problem

I'm a newbie to vlan and networking but when i was setting up the same scenario as you using the same switch i ran into the same issue, what worked for me was adding routes to our firewall for the other vlans using the switch IP as their default gateway since we had the default vlan using the firewall interface as the default gateway.

cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 5412zl IP Routing problem

hi please check pc default gateway address

pc default gateway address must be vlan ip address

for example
for vlan 1 pc
ip adress
subnet mask
default gateway

for vlan 240 pc
ip address
subnet mask
default gateway


Yan Henrichon
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP 5412zl IP Routing problem

In my case, I had the same issue few months ago and I had to add a route on my servers.

My management and server vlan was in 172.16.x.x network and my pc's were in multiple 10.x.0.0 vlans.

Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 5412zl IP Routing problem

please change the destinations in :
>>> ip default-gateway
>>> ip route

the default gateway is neccessary for routing between the VLAN's on this switch, so if you don't have an external router, this should point to one of the local addresses.
The default route ( is used for external connectivity (router to internet)

good luck
Dmitry G. Spitsyn
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP 5412zl IP Routing problem

Hi !

1. Your 5412zl is a swouter (switch/router) now.
It doesn't need a default gateway.
To route an ip packet to unknown address it needs a default route via an external router.
To unset the default gateway:
#no ip default-gateway

2. In your configuration a default route points to an internal ip address of VLAN 1 ( It should point to an external router (if any).
Please correct it.

Then try:
#sh ip route
You will see ip routes to all the connected ip interfaces of your VLANs.

Good luck,
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 5412zl IP Routing problem

Dimitry is partially correct.
either you do the routing between your local VLAN's internally in the switch, or use an external router for this.

However the external router will NOT automatically route between your vlan's as Dimitry suggests. It wil have to be configured for this AND it wil have to know about the used vlan's

As you are still building up knowledge about networks, I would suggest keeping the external router ignorant for most of your network, and continue go the current path using a local router (router funcion built into he switch) for your local subnets.