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Re: HP 7102dl & ppp interfaces.

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HP 7102dl & ppp interfaces.

I have a LAN with 7102dl at the end. It uses 2 eth interfaces to route traffic from/to WAN/LAN. Now I'm looking for a way to let some other folks to get access to the LAN. The problem is that I can't deploy nither GRE nor IPSEC tunnels at my site. So I've been thinking of letting them though ppp. I saw there is quite a number of virtual ppp interfaces. Can they do PPPoE in a "server mode", letting others pppoe enabled devices connect to them? Does binding ppp to eth instead of the serial do the trick? Maybe I'm missing smth important but I did not find any good info regarding the subject in Basic/Advanced Configuration Manual. Please help.
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Re: HP 7102dl & ppp interfaces.

I assume you setup is: Cable or DSL-modem, Ethernet, Internal LAN (Ethernet). I also assume you are using NAT to provide Internet access for your local users. If this is correct, the only way to provide access is via VPN (7102 is VPN server with appropriate hardware-module installed) or you will have to do a 1:1 NAT to internal servers. The 1:1 NAT does provide general access to your internal network but certain servers. If users from the outside should be able to access an internal WEB server or Email server, this will work. Suggestion: Put those servers in a DMZ because anyone from the outside will have access to those servers. The only secure way of granting access to your internal network is VPN. To create a DMZ, you have to use a switch that supports VLAN-tagging. Connect that switch to the internal ethernet interface and create tagged sub-interfaces. One physical link will no have multiple logical links.
To answer your question above: No, the 7000dl router cannot act as a PPPoE server.

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Re: HP 7102dl & ppp interfaces.

ok. There is another questions: When I mount CFlash, how can I direct FTP agent to use it instead of built-in flash? Can I use FTP apart from its anonimous mode, so that for every user logged in there is a separate folder?