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HP 745wl and certificate

Occasional Contributor

HP 745wl and certificate

We have trusted * certificate (issued by Sonera Class2 CA). It is exported from IIS to *.domain.pfx. I have use OpenSSL to generate two files, privatekey.pem and certificate.pem (to other system) from this pfx-file.

Is possible to import .pfx or .pem file(s)(or else) to HP 745wl? Or what kind of .xxx format are correct? Or is generate a certificate signing request (CSR) to CA only way?
Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 745wl and certificate

i don't for certain, but as i read the docs, it appears that you have to gen the CSR and send to a is an excerpt from an older 700 series manual:
The process for installing a PKI certificate requires that you create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
through the 700wl Series system Administrative Interface embodying information about the ProCurve
Access Control Server on which you will install the certificate. You then
provide the CSR to a Certification Authority, and then paste the resulting certificates into the 700wl Series system.