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HP 8206zl Module crashed

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HP 8206zl Module crashed

My 8206zl sw is crashed two times. Because of a device with generating "port A23-Excessive jabbering/fragments. See Help" log. After some time then the module download its code from. Here is the log;
W 10/14/10 04:00:40 00274 chassis: (82) Ports A: Blade Crash detected - Available
I 10/14/10 04:00:45 00375 chassis: Slot A Downloading
I 10/14/10 04:00:47 00376 chassis: Slot A Download Complete
W 10/14/10 04:00:55 00274 chassis: Slot A Software exception in ISR at interrupt s_bts.c:3005 -> IBP FRC 40 400000 7ff 80fe0000
I 10/14/10 04:01:05 00422 chassis: Slot A Ready

Then the other crash log;

W 10/13/10 10:49:40 00274 chassis: (7F) Ports B: Blade Crash detected - Available
I 10/13/10 10:49:45 00375 chassis: Slot B Downloading
I 10/13/10 10:49:47 00376 chassis: Slot B Download Complete
W 10/13/10 10:49:55 00274 chassis: Slot B Software exception at bttfSlaveUpdate. c:374 -- in 'nic82566dm', task ID = 0x61e86c0 -> Still stuck!
I 10/13/10 10:50:05 00422 chassis: Slot B Ready

Dont care about the module A-B id. Because When I got firsh crash, then I had changed the device port from A ports to B ports.
Do you have any related issues?
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Re: HP 8206zl Module crashed

1st try to upgrade to the latest firmware available and check, it's K.14.65