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HP IP Console KVM Software

Trevor S.
Occasional Visitor

HP IP Console KVM Software

Good day,

I have a problem with the HP IP Console Viewer software.

When in dual-cursor mode, the cursors do not match up and I'm forced to "play around" with my primary cursor to force the remote cursor to match up -closer- with my actual cursor.

When in single-cursor mode, my cursor seems to sporadically hit what I'll call "invisible boundaries" in which I have to move the cursor in the opposite direction, then back, in order to "get past."

Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve these challenges with the software? It ultimately makes it unusable realistically.

I read somewhere that the software is Java-based, and in case that's true, for the record, I am running JRE 1.6 Update 3.

Thanks for your time and assistance.

--Trevor Sullivan
Evert Goor
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP IP Console KVM Software

I remember some problems like this. I had to play with the mouse accelleration. Found these info on it in mine resources.

Mouse tuning
Using a workstation as a remote KVM device requires that the mouse activity of the remote (controlling) device be synchronized with the mouse circuitry/software of the server (controlled) device. To synchronize the mouse pointers for a remote session with a server, the following mouse settings must be used on the server (controlled device):
â ¢ Windows 2000: Mouse speed = 50 percent, Acceleration = None
â ¢ Windows NT4: Speed = Slider adjusted to the far left for zero acceleration
â ¢ Windows 2003: Speed = 50 percent, Enhanced pointer precision = Deselected

Good luck with it
Trevor S.
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP IP Console KVM Software


Thank you for your recommendation on the mouse settings. I did actually discover, shortly after posting my original question, that disabling mouse acceleration partially resolved the problem. I'm still rather disappointed with the quality of the product, but at least it works better than it did before!

--Trevor Sullivan