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HP IP Switch 2x1x16 cascade problems

Occasional Contributor

HP IP Switch 2x1x16 cascade problems

Hi all,
I've the follow problem, one HP IP switch in cascade with two HP switch 16 port, attached on these switch I've other switch console in the racks server.

When I'm connect remotely to HP IP switch by browser interface, I can manage the servers that have switch console directly attached to HP IP switch without problems.

When I try to open a servers that do 3 hops,( switch console, HP IP switch and Switch 16 port cascade with HP IP Switch) it doesn't work, start the java, start the window connect but this window go in time out and do log out from broswer interface ) the same happen when I do 4 hops ( Switch console+HP IP switch=switch 1+switch 2 ).

which is the problems? because the broswer interface show me all servers, so I think the cascade is correctly done....I don't have other idea....

thank you in advanced for your reply