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HP JetDirect 802.1x & Microsoft IAS

Occasional Advisor

HP JetDirect 802.1x & Microsoft IAS

I hope someone can help me here...

We are in the process of configuring our entire (wired) network for 802.1x; however, we are experiencing issues with the JetDirect print servers.

I tried following the HP document "Using the Network to Help Secure Printers and MFPs with the HP Jetdirect 635n EIO Print Server" to no avail.

The document does not seem to be complete, as I have completed every "vague" step without success.

I know my switches are configured properly because I am able to authenticate my XP clients, and IDM is dynamically configuring fine.

Has anyone had success configuring their JetDirect for 802.1x? If so, could you shed some light?