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HP LACP GVRP TRUNK Limits on 5412 switch

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HP LACP GVRP TRUNK Limits on 5412 switch

Hello everyone,

Here is my issue. The 5412 switch is limited to 36 trunks but I need more than this in order to migrate from my current core to this new 5412zl switch. I am considering LACP and GVRP because I use NCU (Network Configuration Utility) to team the nics on my servers to get 2gb and redundancy out of them.

My problem is the LACP will only live in VLAN1 but I have the servers at another VLAN. From what I have read on the switches documentation is to enable gvrp but I cant seem to get it to work this way eighter. My hopes are that I can use a combination of up to 36 static trunks and 36 dynamic trunks using LACP

Is this even possible? Could someone point me to the right direction?

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Re: HP LACP GVRP TRUNK Limits on 5412 switch

See the 5-th answer of this thread:

What Peter Thorn said is that for teaming to work you do not need to define trunks; just activate LACP on the 2 ports on the switch where you want to plug the server NICs in.
Matt Hobbs
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Re: HP LACP GVRP TRUNK Limits on 5412 switch

I just found this in the management guide: "The switch allows a maximum of 36 trunk groups in any combination of static and dynamic trunks."

So no need to waste your time on that any further.

Also I would avoid dynamic trunks if you're using spanning-tree, if a server is ever rebooted the ports change back into normal ports and cause a spanning-tree topology change where everything gets blocked for 30 seconds or so.

In this case I strongly recommend you get in contact with HP and push for an enhancement to include support for more than 36 trunks.
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Re: HP LACP GVRP TRUNK Limits on 5412 switch

Thanks Matt.

I was hoping that I had misunderstood that.

I did read that part but since the trunk names are different.. i.e. Trk# vs Dyn# I had hoped that it meant 36 Static Trunks and 36 Dynamic trunks.

OLARU, I understood that but my issue is that the servers are on a different vlan. If I just let the process follow its course then it would default to VLAN1 and of course this wont work.

THis is horrific. How could a switch that holds up to 288 ports only support 36 trunks!.. LOL

A HUGE thanks to the both of you for answering so fast!1 :)