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HP ML350 G6 Network card

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HP ML350 G6 Network card


ive had a troublesome ML350g6 which is constantly dropping its network connection. it has the latest firmware and drivers and ive changed the port on the switch / cable (twice) /negotitation. this has been happening since it was bought.

however the motherboard packed up last month and i assumed that the network dropouts were due to a faulty motherboard.
this was not the case as when the HP enigneer changed the motherboard it continued to do the same thing. so we bought a new PCI NIC from HP and that does the same thing!.

can anyone help as to what might be causing the problem.

ive already disabled the packet chimney offload in windows and checked all the obvious things.

its transfers over lan fine (12MBPS between it 1gb and a 10/100 card).

it can browse the web but sometimes when downloading (not consistently) it can time the download out as if the cards turned off.) and it can do it idiling in RDP.

the only events im getting in windows event viewer relate to TCPIP services starting once the card has "come back" after a few seconds and DNS services restarting.

someone mentioned that the POwer transfer board on the ML350G6 could be faulty which is droppinf the power low enough for the motherboard to switch the NIC off. is this possible?